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Flyers are still a great marketing tool. They can be updated with each print run and do not break the bank. Create a mail shot, hand them out at exhibitions or in the street, the opportunities are endless. Use them to highlight a selected service, product or event. Or your whole business at various times to reinforce your brand. A printed flyer/leaflet stands a greater chance of being viewed and kept, than spam emails.

If you have recently added a new/updated product to your range, tell your customers quickly and effectively by sending out a flyer rather than have to reprint an entire brochure. You can inform your customers of special offers, one off deals, maybe a seasonal promotion (remember Christmas is just around the corner!) or just to keep reminding your customers and potential new customers, who you are.

With our waterless litho printing press, we can offer economical short runs. Keep in mind that the artwork and setup time is the same no matter what the quantity. The greater the quantity you have the more economical your leaflet drop becomes.

If you do not have finished artwork we can help you design your flyer/leaflet, so you achieve the look and impact that gets the full potential from this versatile marketing tool.

We are encouraging clients to add a QR code to their promotional material, It’s a great way to direct viewers to your website. This allows the leaflet/flyer to be less crammed with information and specifications, keeping the message simple and to the point! Let your website do its job, by filling in the fine detail.

5000 A5 leaflets promotion leafletFlyers can take various formats but tend to be one page, either single sided or double sided. They can be varying weights of paper and finishes. It is important to think about the paper weight when deciding on how to deliver your flyer. If it is going in a newspaper for instance, it may have to be a light weight, and if you intend to send it out to your customers through the postal system, a light flyer would be more cost effective. Finishes are important in the context of quality. The feel and look of any marketing tool is important and Farleys will always help you in this decision as we have many years of experience in this field.

Fundraising flyers, event flyers, full colour flyers, glossy or matt, double-sided or single, so many ways to promote your business.

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