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You’ve got a print job coming up, you need a local printer and you’re probably in a hurry. Before, ringing around printers Hampshire, what key question should you ask yourself before making contact with a local Printer?

Perhaps you’re concerned about quality. Well of course you should be, you’re printing should communicate the highest image and values for your brand. You’ve probably heard that Litho Print offers unbeatable quality and it’s no surprise that Bank Note manufacturers like De La Rue use Litho for printing all the fine line structures on your money – it just speaks quality.

Then there’s the feel and touch of the stationary or business cards that helps you stand out from the crowd – lamination certainly communicates high quality, but how about the artwork?

Can your printers Hampshire support all the usual programmes such as: Quark Xpress, Adobe PDF, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, Microsoft Word and Publisher? Or better still do they have a full in-house design service?

And then there’s the service. Are they passionate about you’re quality, you’re brand and turning around the job quickly even though you probably left it too late?

If you’re a new business on a tight budget, do they offer starter packs that include letter heads, compliment slips and business cards at competitive prices?

There are lots of questions that you should ask, but I’ve left the key question until the end. It’s a big concern to me and it should be to anyone who cares about future generations and impact to the environment.

Did you do your bit for the environment? Did you pick a printer or printers Hampshire that cares as much as you do about the environment? That allows you to stand by your business environmental policy and more importantly your conscience.

In other words, a printer that uses recycled paper wherever possible. Who has invested in an environmentally friendly printing press? One that uses waterless technology, with the printing plates imaged directly on the press, and where the environmentally harmful chemicals have been eliminated.

Printers Hampshire

Well I found that printer in Hampshire, I used them for my last printing job and yes, I was late when I gave them the work. To be precise, they had 2 days notice to produce a high quality Litho Printing job, with lamination and without compromise to the environment!

Farleys Printers have been established in Fareham for over forty years, providing high quality colour printing to local businesses.

Did you do your bit for the environment when you looked up Printers Hampshire?

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